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Listen to the music

dance with the wind

feel the rain on your skin

close your eyes


open them


definitely worth watching!

Another Video i found incredible, it is a commercial from pantene…. but it comes a lot of passion with it.

Why do we want to be like others? stay inside the box, of course that’s the easiest choice but in the end that’s not us anymore. We are unique, or we could be if we just chose to be as we truly are, accepting our nature at first and then live our life and sharing it with others.

Enjoy the video.

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Just wanted to share this great video/concept.

I’m sure you’ll like it, i loved it

In this days i had to make a decision, something not very big but at the same time very stressing because it was a choice between something i really want to do and something i really have to do, and that small word that change the sense of the sentence, made the choice very hard.

In the end i had to go for the second option, i had to make a choice according to what i have to do. To help me in this i remembered a sentence someone told me not long time ago and it was almost like this “sometimes you just have to do what you have to do” and well i think that’s true. There’s no point in procrastinating or stress ourself too much about a decision when we already know what is it the best one and maybe the right one.

Just do it.

Any choice has his consequences but there’s nothing you can do about that, you never know exactly what may happen, if the choice you make is the right one or not, so why worrying so much about it? Is just stress you can save.

Just do what you have to do right now,be at your best today, don’t think to tomorrow more than necessarily or you’ll go crazy creating 100 of different scenarios and probably not good ones because, when we have to make a choice, the strongest feeling we have is fear and fear influences our vision and can lead us in the wrong direction.

We are driven by emotions and this is what makes things difficult, in any choice we make we put feelings, that’s not wrong, is just our nature, it is all about finding a balance between the 2.

If you think about it, most of the times is much easier to just do what we have to do, at work, in school, in relationships, in anything, as boring or annoying as they can be, some things just need to be done, sooner or later so just get them done. But something is sure, after that you will feel much better and released.

So today, just do what you have to do and tell me how you feel after that.

I received this newsletter and i really found it inspiring in his way and i tought to share it with you

Find Your Passion.

Running a business is tiring, time-consuming, and often frustrating. It’s not uncommon for the “Entrepreneurial Light” to burn out. However, if you’re not excited about your products or services, no one else is going to be. And, who wants to buy a product/service they’re not enthusiastic about?

Quick tips for regaining your passion:

  • Write down all the reasons you love your products or services
  • Tell others the story of why you became an entrepreneur
  • Imagine what you want your business to look like in 5 years (even if it’s unrealistic… perhaps especially if it’s unrealistic!)
  • Read inspirational books, blogs, and articles about small business ownership
  • Take time to rejuvenate

Look, you became an entrepreneur for a reason. And, how you feel about your company is going to be reflected in the risks you’ll take, the way you interact with your customers, and the amount of money you bring in!

Ray Kroc (founder of McDonald’s) said, “If you work just for the money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing, and always put the customer first, success will be yours.”

Be passionate! Be excited! Learn to love your business, your customers, and the simple joys of small business ownership. Pass that passion on to your employees and customers, and you’ll see a phenomenal difference in the growth and success of your business!


Clate Mask
CEO, Infusionsoft