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no matter which is your religion, this is more a general concept really worth to be shared


Just reflecting on how 97% of italian songs are Love Songs.

We are lately listening an italian radio in the office, from 9 till 18, and i never notice that we italians are so romantic, at least in songs. Real life… well that’s another story … but i think it is not so different in the end, and anyway is one of the good stereotypes about us.

Do you think italian are romantic people? Oh well, what do you think about italians in general? Would be great to read your comments about it, i bet you can say fun stuff, and i can tell you if it is true or not!!!!

If you are curious here you have the link, they also have international music.

Spero vi piaccia Radio 101 ( I hope you will enjoy Radio101 )

hug with no price..

Did you ever get a hug that is just a hug ?
A hug that is not asking for nothing, that is just saing  “i love you, i’m here for you and i don’t need anything back, not even your love, wahtever you would like to give me is a plus for me”.

Those are the hugs that i call “without a price”, you don’t need to pay in any way for them, you don’t need to feel forced to give love back to make that person proud of you, to thank in any way for it.

Have you ever gave one? do you always put a price in your hugs? do you always expect something back?
I think we often put a price ourselves, when someone hugs us, we think we should give something back, like i said before.
Why we do that?

I wish a 2010 free from any kind of price, i wish everyone could be able just to give love without asking. In this way everyone will get some.

But maybe the hardest thing is not to love, but to give us a chance to be loved and feel loved with no fear.

Diamond love…

I think love is like a diamond,

if is a good one it has many prospectives and when you love someone you love from so many different levels that you can’t really count but what makes it beautiful is the general picture.

A diamond can reflect light in an incredible way, like when someone loves you can bring light to your life and make you feel good.

A diamonds is something precious, like love is in the life of everyone.

Diamonds are forever, like true love is….

Do you have your diamond? are you able to recognize it? are you appreciating it?

Our life is full diamonds, we just can’t see them…. everyone of us is one of them, if we could just learn how to use our light this world would be a better place.

Is all about Love

Today i just wanna leave you with a song that gave a start to my day.

I went out from home in a foggy Amsterdam walking close to the canal and looking at people biking to go to work or to school and listening to this words.

“Without saying a word you can light up the dark…….what i hear when you don’t say a thing… the smile on your face….the touch of your hand….”

Do we realize what we have? Do we really value the people we have around? Do we enjoy every single second we have with them? Do we say how much we love them?

Sometimes we do, but too many times we do it just when is too late.

I believe in the end is all about love, life is about love, it starts with our parents and it goes on with family, friends, relationships… also if some of them were bad they all teach us something, in some cases we learn to recognize what we really want, what we really need to be happy.

Love is a learning experience…. and it never ends, and as all the learning xp you need to make mistakes in order to improve and to make thinks working in the best way for you.

Sometimes we should just open more our heart, stop complaining about what we don’t have ans start enjoying our blessings.

I feel blessed and lucky, I’m happy and i wish you can feel like me as well, just look around you with eyes wide open….. you’ll see love everywere

In the end is all about love.