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Sometimes it happens to have good conversations out of the blue, with people you barely know in situations in which you are expected to do and behave in a completely different way! Isn’t it great?

I ask myself why that happens and I believe it is not something just casual, everything happen for a reason, is the energy we create that attracts it.

There are people that just connect very fast and with whom you can talk for hours without feeling the time passing, and people with whom you just don’t want to spend more than 10 minutes, sitting around a table and not having anything interesting to talk about.

Maybe it’s a bit nerd, but I believe we should spend our time having conversations that matters, and in proportion with other silly ones, those should be more, I would say, at least 75% of them.

Some people learn from books, they read a lot of them, some other learn from others, from the world, by talking and discussing, sharing, living their life as an adventure, having experiences, being brave.

I believe books are important, you should definitely take time to learn from them, but books are written by people, people are the base of everything.

Take time to connect and get to know others.

Of course you won’t like everyone, you should build your environment made of people who have a positive attitude in fact, and not just by saying. Build your network, grow it, nurture it and you will learn more than from any book.

Small things

I believe we create the conditions to our happiness or unhappiness, too often I hear people complaining about how things go wrong in their life, how much they hate their jobs, how much they would like to have more money, how much they would like to live somewhere else, and the same people don’t do anything to change their situation, they stay in their job, in their city, in their relationships.

It is too easy to blame external factors, but that will never make the problem solved. It is time to act, you don’t like something? Change it, be brave, happiness lies in the pursuit of your dream, in the effort of making something come true. Have the courage to live fully, don’t sit down looking at your days flying away, they will never come back again.

Every breath you take it is lost forever, use it.

Many people relate their happiness with money, some even relate their loneliness with money.

Again I believe we create the conditions to our happiness, all the rest are just excuses.

I was watching this movie tonight and i got inspired by one sentence a minor character said, in a way to push one of the protagonist to fight for what he wanted. This guy was giving up on something because he said “i’m not that courageous, I’m not that kind of guy”, and his friend told him “but this is not what you want to be, this is just who you think you are”.

What is the drive in our action? when we think we can’t do something we want, and we hide behind the excuse of “this is not in my personality”, “this is not me”, “I can’t do that”, “I wish i was that kind of person”…

well, who’s stopping you from beiong who you want to be?

Society and people we know, people we love and that love us, they all put a mask on our face, they build an image of us, they assign us a personality that is not necessarily our real one, and this happen because sometimes we don’t really act 100% ourself, for thousands of different reasons: to be polite, to please someone and many others… and that’s the result, we start believing we can’t do some things, that we are not that brave, that we are not that kind of guy/girl we so much envy and that can do what we wish we could.

well here’s the tip, that “I can’t” is nothing real, it is just in our mind, it is a silly excuse to live an ordinary life we most likely want to change.
It is for sure easier to just say “i’m not able” than try and failed.

I personally believe that that’s the best way to slowly die, to stop really living.

I tried and failed many times, sometimes success comes along as well, but if i look back i’m happy i fell couple of times, because that is actually what makes me smile now, happy of where/who i am and ready to change, experience,try,fail,succed, smile and cry.

I live every day as who I am, as the kind person I want to be, truly me, that you like it or not 🙂

If you read this give yourself a gift, 24 hours of acting as yourself, do not think of what someone else might think about you, of what they might say, do what you like, say what you think, be yourself, be brave.

definitely worth watching!

no matter which is your religion, this is more a general concept really worth to be shared

Change or Evolution

it is true, nothing last, nothing stays, everything changes and evolves. I like to say that things evolve, it means that they have an impact in your life and they keep staying even if under other shapes. And evolution to me sounds like a positive happening, like growth, improvement. Change u never know if it is in good or bad.

But actually you never know if it is an evolution till the next stage. While it happens you can’t always recognize it, it is just scary and sometimes exciting.

I see things continuously evolving around me, speeding up, time to run again?

what scares us…

Just thinking on what scares us the most…

is being without money?
is loosing our parents?
is being judged?
is being inadequate?
is loosing our values?
is loosing the person we love?
is being alone?
is loosing a job?
is not being able to find a job?
is not to be healthy anymore?

and the list could continue forever… i’m sure you could add many more.

I think the main mistake we make is that we focus too much on what we are scared of,and we strength our fears, how? we listen at songs that talk about lost love or sad topic, we watch movies in which there’s corruption and war, and monsters, scary stuffs, we play video games in which we can kill someone and laugh about it and we talk with friends about that guy who cheat on his girlfriend, we save money to enjoy the future and be safe in it and we forget to enjoy the present.

We choose those things, we chose how we live every second of our existence, we shape our days. Unfortunatly those fears are the main reason to each choice we make, take 10 minutes of your time and think about it.

If we could free our mind from fears we might be able to live in a more serene way, be confident about what we do, because that would be our choice, free of any fear of judgment (and not because we chose what everyone expected us to chose, but just because that is what we really want).

It takes a lot of efforts, but in the end it is probably worth it, i don’t know, I’m not different from you, I’m influenced by my fears as well so i can’t tell you how it feels to be free from them. And i still haven’t met someone who’s free from fears, but if i do, i will ask him.

In the meanwhile i can just train myself in the process of changing my fears into something positive. Learn how to approach any situation, as hard as it can be, and find happiness in the only place it can be found, inside me.