Google it…

exactly, is the sentence i hear more often… nowadays whatever you don’t know you can find out in google, a receipt, a planet, the possible name for your kid, the favorite dish of Obama, the eye color of Leonardo Da Vinci and even small things….

and i was thinking, will people stop feeling the need of knowing things their own? will kids in school stop learning? why should i need to know something if can google it anytime? This is scary. Internet is a good tool to spread knowledge all around but what if the effect would be the opposite?

The answer i often receive to my question “Do you know…..???” is “just google it” and this happen in several cases, professional , with friends and family, somethimes is fun because some random thing of course you are not supposed to know, but what if the Google it effect will spread and get bigger and bigger?

We jut need to wait some years to see clear effects on our and next generation