Sometimes it happens to have good conversations out of the blue, with people you barely know in situations in which you are expected to do and behave in a completely different way! Isn’t it great?

I ask myself why that happens and I believe it is not something just casual, everything happen for a reason, is the energy we create that attracts it.

There are people that just connect very fast and with whom you can talk for hours without feeling the time passing, and people with whom you just don’t want to spend more than 10 minutes, sitting around a table and not having anything interesting to talk about.

Maybe it’s a bit nerd, but I believe we should spend our time having conversations that matters, and in proportion with other silly ones, those should be more, I would say, at least 75% of them.

Some people learn from books, they read a lot of them, some other learn from others, from the world, by talking and discussing, sharing, living their life as an adventure, having experiences, being brave.

I believe books are important, you should definitely take time to learn from them, but books are written by people, people are the base of everything.

Take time to connect and get to know others.

Of course you won’t like everyone, you should build your environment made of people who have a positive attitude in fact, and not just by saying. Build your network, grow it, nurture it and you will learn more than from any book.